Barcelona, Spain

Itsham Akhtar


Date of Birth:
October 10, 1991

Want to Work in:
Barcelona, Spain

Work Experience:
5-10 year

Some college

Banking, Settlements & Insurance

English, Spanish, Urdu

administration, cash handling

I have enjoyed all aspects of my work history from practical to administration. I have participated in voluntary work which i found very rewarding.

Work Experience
Information centre specialist
Manchester - Recall ltd
from 2010.11 to 2011.07
Fork lift and counter balance truck driving and also retrieving information.
Retrieval clerk
Manchester - Barclay's Bank
from 2005.10 to 2010.10
Retrieving information for customers, administration, Stationery orders and also creating team buliding events.
Administration clerk
Manchester - Apple insurance
from 2005.07 to 2004.07
Filing, photocopying, making and recieving phone calls.
Manchester - Marks and spencer
from 2003.06 to 2004.05
Customer service, cash handling and arranging stock on the shop floor.
Manchester - J Sainsbury's
from 2002.09 to 2003.03
Customer service, cash handling and arranging stock on the shop floor.
GCSE - Maths, English, Science, Computers, Geography
Kingsway high school - Stockport
from 1997 to 2001
Intrest in all subjects.
A Level - Surveying and processing
Stockport college - Stockport
from 2001 to 2002
I enjoyed all the practical work and also the assessments involved.
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