Athens, Greece

Athanasios Panagopoulos


Date of Birth:
June 8, 1971

Want to Work in:
Palma of Majorca, Spain

Work Experience:
> 10 year


Banking, Settlements & Insurance

English, Greek, Spanish

eu legislation, exchange trading systems, treasury products & contracts, computer skills, certification from authorities on risk, banking, portfolio management and investment consutling, publ. article

BSc in Mathematics, MBA in Finance, MSc in European Economic Studies, CFA I, Certified Investment Consultant and Market Analyst from the Hellenic Capital Market Committee.Working for the Athens Stock Exchange in Financial projects and European Union Programmes for 8 years and in collaboration with European Commission. I've been financial consultant in ALPHA Bank and then a Capital Market Representative in EUROBANK EFG Securities for the last 8 years elaborating projects for the adoption of the EC Directives in the Greek legislation system. I'm also writer in business and accounting magazines elaborating articles and scientific publicatons. I'm officially economist-accountant professional, being a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece. Also, my University thesis regarding the Market Abuse and the adoption of EC Directives in the European Legislation systems, is also published.
I'm interested in responsible job posts in the Banking Sector or in the broaden area of the Capital Market (insurance & investment companies, mutual funds, etc) as analyst, fund manager, financial consultant, public relations manager, consultant for financial institutions cooperation, financial planner and risk management. Also, posts in the Banking Sector regarding international cooperation, investments, internal auditor, etc, due to the extended experience in the financial sector and complete knowledge of the Stock Capital Market and Banking Capital Market products.

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